hey besties im getting the butter

OMG we just got in some major troublel....   :) opps!

Hannah Sayz.................... :)

i love this girl ciara she is amzzingg.. she is talented and pretty and she awlsomee.. dont dare her to do anythingg becuzz she will..!!! i have lots to say bout her but it would take forever to right it all..(: so luv youu girll

Ciara Ciara Ciara Ciara Ciara Ciara  

Hi I am Ciara.(K-ear-a)  I am 12  years old.  I'm in 7th grade. You might know or you might not but I  made THIS WEBSITE . At the beginning of the year i was a goodie goodie but u know how that gets olddd.... good gurl gone bad!  My Friends are: Maddie S. Kayla M. Hannah S. Almaz S. Cora M., Macayla H., Sabrina P.,  Karlee R., Madison B., Joslyn M., Merideth F., MaritzaJ. , Jessica F., Katie D., and Keli G. { If I missed anyone sorry! } My favorite movie is... VAMPIRES SUCK!!!! haha or anyting funny like jackass or stepbrothers!:) And... well anything scary!.  My birthday is July 25th, 1998. If you want to know more about me, look below or email me at ciaraworld@columbus.rr.com have fun and enjoy! Love u buds mwa mwa lol buh bye! P.S. try to spred the word of this website www.ciaraworld.weebly.com & remember... IT ROCKS!!!!!! Also check out these new cool websites made by my besties! www.shilohmarie.weebly.com  www.jagirl30.weebly.com  http://kayleethecool.weebly.com/  www.alexsworld98.weebly.com  and if you have no life at all and you are bored to tears check out seans website http://blacksabbathworld.weebly.com 
Your friend,

the maker of this awesome website... ME!!!!!

This is me when I was 1!

Am I cute or what?