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This page has all the great things that people have told me about my website through fan mail! u can comment too by emailing me @ ciaraworld@columbus.rr.com

MJ- yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo u shuld give a yo-yo out 2 the winner next time 

MH- haha ciara ur funny its macayla hi

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh ahahaha

KD- Very, very weird......Your poor parents.


AB- i luv your voice good job

SY- you have such a good voice when u r on the big stage i could say i knew her form her home!

AN- You have a great voice... who knew?!?!

CS- Ciara has a great voice... THANX 4 SHARING!!!!

CP- You did really good at the talent show

AS- U ROCK!!!!!!

LD-  Ciara has a great voice i cant belive im related to  future fame!!!!

JP- i didnt know Ciara could sing shes ushaly reallly quiet!!!!

MDL- The talent show went great but the one who suprised me the most in the whole show was ciara because normaly shes really quiet Ciara is a GREAT Girl!

KG- OMG Ciara I LUV the clips page i watched all of theM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah speakingg : heyy guyss .. i love this gurll(: she is amazzinngg..shes always there for you.. but dont dare her to do something ( because she will do it ) lol shes one of my bestfrienn(: lovee youu ciara!!!

Cora says- heyyyy girly the hole story was soooooooooo funnny you should have been their but you had to go to the humain scoiety beacause you r in girl scouts soooooooooooooooooo now you callin me racssit sooooooooooooooo ya luv you girl                                                 -C0R@-    (B0BE$!!@#$!%#@$$!)