ok this is pretty much all i do during yearbook class so these are some random things that are happening! BLARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

or at my house major drama comes from everywhere!

5/17/10- Okay, Hannah, Cora, and I were sitting together in class and Mrs. Fairy split us up for talking. I mean, come on, the yearbook is done. What else are we supposed to do?! I also was sad because we were talking about gossip. oh ya and so now hannahs on the  other side ov the room and me and cora are seperated too... not cool :( so now that im seperated from my buds im sitting by a bunch ov webkkinz freaks!!!!! thank god its time to go!!!!!!!!!1 love u guys bye! 
5/17/10- ok im at my house finally away from mrs fairy ( i will get a picture of her soon so u can c y i call her mrs fairy :) lol) and i went upstairs to paack for new york! (yea right like thts gonna happen hahahaha) i also told my mom that my room was clean so dont be suprised if my ipod isnt with me tomorrow! but insted of packing i just came to the computer upstairs to talk to u guys!!!!!!!!!! btw i will try to do one of these every day but if i dont srry!!!! oh ya its not that i dont want to go to new york i just dont wanna pack!!!!!! is anyone elese here obsesed with facebook?! if u r email me at ciaraworld@columbus.rr.com i dont get my friends somedays!!! they think a guys cool one day and then a dork the next!!!!!!! info me girls so i dont do something i will regret!!!!!!!!!
5/19/10- k i just freaked out about a little spider! lol it was a jumping spider and when i looked at the computer it was in the middle of the screen! hahahaha so funny! im in tech calss and im sooooo bored the guys are all like "ouuuuhg i bet i can beat the first mission, no i will!" sometimes i wonder what guys problems are... why do the have to be loud when they play video games, but the guys are probably all like why are the girls so quiet so on to a different topic! I can not wait till tomorrow! im getting up at four in the MORNING!!! i know that sounds terrible but the 11 hour car ride is worth it when your uncle is getting married and you get to c your favorite cusins!
10/27/10- ok so i know its been a while scince ive done this but u guys! school is happening and everyone is bored so u might as well type words! well so first things first! hellioum is amazing! you get high talking like a chipmunk and its amazing! whoever figured this out is freaking amazing!!!!! ummm so y do teachers get so upset when ur computer plays noise? um we didnt kno that website had noise! so stupid! ttyl guys bye@
12/something/10- Ok so heres my christmas song about the jr high!!!!!!!! hahahahaah...: jingle bells, teachers smell, mr ross laid and egg, the bus mobile lost a wheel, and mrs donovan got away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD lol special shoutout to meridith or mer!!!!!! from ur friend cer!!